Meaningful in Memphis

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News March 2018

Mary Lee Browning and her family have created a special holiday event at the Memphis VA that has people coming from all over for a party like none other.

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Hundreds of adorned gifts were on tables, all waiting to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Christmas music, candy, trees and decorations and costumed volunteers filled the theater room of the Memphis Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center in Tennessee for a more than two-decade-old holiday event that has become a major seasonal highlight for veterans and staff alike. Held every December, the Browning Christmas is organized by Mary Lee Browning, who just wanted to help out other veterans with spinal-cord injury and disease (SCI/D) like her son, Tracy. Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) National Senior Vice President Ken Weas attended the 2017 event before driving back to Florida later that afternoon to see family. Over the past 17 years, Weas has attended the party six times, including each of the past three years.


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Meaningful in Memphis


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