Outdoor Fitness

Reprinted from PN January 2018

This unique and accessible fitness equipment lets people who use wheelchairs take their workouts outdoors.

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The new year is here and many people are trying to stick to their resolutions and goals around fitness and improving their overall physical health. However, gym memberships can be expensive and finding one with accessible equipment can be tough. When the weather is nice, heading outside for a roll in the park is a free alternative. Some parks even feature outdoor exercise equipment, but those machines aren’t typically made for people who use a wheelchair. Greenfields Outdoor Fitness has fixed that problem by creating a line of Americans with Disabilites Act-compliant outdoor exercise equipment. An outdoor fitness equipment manufacturer, Greenfields designed a Signature Accessible line that has revolutionized the ability for everyone to exercise for free outside.

Making Fitness Inclusive

A source of inspiration for the Signature Accessible line came from the 2011 East Bay Regional Park Health Festival in Oakland, Calif. Greenfields’ team members, including CEO Sam Mendelsohn, saw a wheelchair user transfer onto exercise units in order to work out next to his able-bodied friends and family members. This event, along with Greenfields’ dedication to inclusion and “Promoting Wellness and Fighting Obesity One Community at a Time,” led to the creation of the Signature Accessible line.  

“ ‘Promoting Wellness and Fighting Obesity One Community at Time’ is more than just our slogan — it embodies everything about Greenfields and its mission to help communities,” says Mendelsohn. “Once government agencies and foundations nationwide started to embrace the concept of outdoor fitness, it was apparent that we had to revolutionize the way people conceive this amenity. Being the single recreational amenity which caters to the largest demographics, it was important for us to make it as inclusive as possible.”


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Outdoor Fitness


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