Portrait of a Park

Over the past five years, Pymatuning State Park has dedicated hundreds of thousands of dollars to address accessibility at existing facilities and construct new piers, marinas, and cabins.
Reprinted from PN November 2000
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Pennsylvania state parks are renowned for their beauty and recreational opportunities. This one is "a piece of paradise"—and it's accessible.

"Traveling for my outdoor television show, Angling Adventure, has taken me to many different locations throughout the United States and Canada," says Blaine Denious, of Akron. "But to this day I have yet to find a more user-friendly environment for the entire community than Pymatuning State Park."

Located 50 miles south of Erie, in northwest Pennsylvania/northeast Ohio, the park has a beautiful 18-mile lake with equal accessibility at every point on its shores, according to Denious, a lifetime Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) member.

"Through the years the Pymatuning State Park staff has consulted me on all aspects of accessibility," explains Denious, who has been a 100% service-connected veteran for 22 years. "A new fishing platform solely for people with disabilities was recently completed below the dam, a six-mile walking trail is in the works, and a large fishing pier is scheduled for installation at the north end of the lake."

Three pontoon boats cruise the lake, which has some of the best angling anywhere in the country. The Pennsylvania Bureau of State Parks constantly upgrades facilities with a focus on accessibility.

Pymatuning has 25 modern cabins, six of which are new and totally meet ADA standards. Many others have been modified to provide more reasonable access.

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Portrait of a Park


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