Newsbeat: Veterans Choice

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News February 2016

Changes designed to make participation in the Veterans Choice Program easier and more convenient

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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced a number of changes designed to make participation in the Veterans Choice Program easier and more convenient. The move, which streamlines eligibility requirements, follows feedback from veterans along with organizations working on their behalf.

Under the updated eligibility requirements, a veteran is eligible for the Veterans Choice Program if he or she is enrolled in the VA health care system and meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Told by his or her local VA medical facility that they won’t be able to schedule an appointment for care within 30 days of the date the veteran’s physician determines he or she needs to be seen, or within 30 days of the date the veteran wishes to be seen if there is no specific date from his or her physician
  • Lives more than 40 miles driving distance from the closest VA medical facility with a full-time primary care physician
  • Needs to travel by air, boat or ferry to the VA medical facility closest to his or her home
  • Faces an unusual or excessive burden in traveling to the closest VA medical facility based on geographic challenges, environmental factors, a medical condition, the nature or simplicity or frequency of the care needed and whether an attendant is needed 
  • Lives in a state or territory without a full-service VA medical facility

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Newsbeat: Veterans Choice


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