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Online Exclusive posted Wednesday, January 6, 2016 - 9:57am

Smart home technology has been working for years to put control of an entire house right at your fingertips

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Smart home technology has been working for years to put control of an entire house right at your fingertips. However, that can be frustrating to do since many connected objects need their own remote or a smartphone application with multiple options on its screen can make controlling something too confusing. A French startup company may have finally solved those issues.

Sevenhugs’ Smart Remote is promising to let you control lights, the stereo, the thermostat and other connected devices by just pointing the small, pill-shaped device at it. Debuting at this month’s annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the remote recognizes what your pointing it at and lights up with simple, straightforward commands to control only that device. Point the Smart Remote at a lamp and a light bulb icon appears on the remote screen that you tap to turn on. Point it at the stereo and controls appear that allow you to turn up the volume by sliding your finger down the screen. You can even point Smart Remote at the window to get the weather.

The Smart Remote comes with three connected light sockets that can be screwed on top of any lamp with the bulb being screwed into the provided socket. The remote is currently compatible with Philips Hue lights, Sonos speakers and Nest Learning Thermostat. Additionally, more connected items should become available as Sevenhugs says its providing the remote as an open-source technology. This allows other companies and developers to access the technology free of charge and incorporate it into their devices.

“It’s not only about creating a remote, it’s about merging the technologies that make the user experience for a smart home much, much simpler and easier,” says Louise Plaquevent from Sevenhugs.

The Smart Remote and the three light sockets will cost under $200 with pre orders set to begin in March and shipping expected to start in September.

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