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Reprinted from PN January 2001
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The Keys to Managed Care:
A Guide for People with Physical Disabilities

Free. Contact: PVA Distribution Center (TASCO), P.O. Box 753, Waldorf, MD 20604-0753. (888) 860-7244 / (301) 932-7834 / 843-0159 (fax) /

This publication helps consumers with several managed-care strategies. Some of these include being an informed consumer, finding a primary-care physician with whom you're comfortable, keeping copies of all healthcare documents, planning ahead for prescriptions, developing and maintaining a strong support system, establishing an inside connection at your health plan, being prepared to file an appeal, and joining forces with others.

The Keys to Managed Care is written from the perspective of those who have personal experience, and it offers practical advice for people with disabilities dealing with their managed-care plans.

Web Accessibility for People With Disabilities

By Paciello, Michael G. $34.95. Contact: Brandy Ernzen, CMP Books, (785) 838-7561 / /

This publication instructs readers on how to evaluate the accessibility of their Web sites and build accessible user interfaces. It includes straightforward lessons and examples on specific tools, utility references, and programming techniques. Readers will learn how to master HTML enhancements for accessibility; implement specialized Web accessibility software; take advantage of special CSS, HTML, Java, and XML coding techniques; and locate hundreds of disability and Web accessibility initiatives for keeping current on the latest legislation.

Yes, You Can! (Third Edition)

Edited by Hammond, Margaret C., and Stephen C. Burns. Paperback; 235 pages; $15. Contact: PVA Distribution Center (TASCO), P.O. Box 753, Waldorf, MD 20604-0753. (888) 860-7244 / (301) 932-7834 / 843-0159 (fax) /

Yes, You Can! covers many subjects that arise following spinal-cord injury (SCI). Chapters include information on SCI anatomy and physiology, skin care, bladder and bowel management, nutrition, pressure sores, sexual health, driver's training, exercise, sports and recreation, and much more.

Federal Benefits for Veterans & Dependents

$9.95. Contact: JIST Publishing, 8902 Otis Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46216. (877) 454-7877 / (317) 613-4304 (fax) / /

This reference book includes information about healthcare benefits with specifics about co-payments, billing insurance companies, pharmacy services, and dental treatments; disability compensation, pension, education and training, home-loan guarantees, life insurance, and burial benefits; and descriptions of more than 20 additional federal benefits people don't know about.

Detailed data is presented in easy-to-understand language, and a table of contents makes it easy to find specific information.

Spinal Cord Injury: You DO Have CHOICES

$25. Contact: Research and Training Center on Independent Living, University of Kansas, 4089 Dole Center, Lawrence, KS 66045. (785) 864-4095 / 864-5063 (fax) / /

Funded by the PVA Education and Training Foundation, Choices presents information that will allow spinal-cord injury (SCI) survivors to be informed about acute care and the rehabilitation process and how to have some sense of control over their lives. Fourteen chapters include the following topics: What is Occupational Therapy? How Will it Help?; What Factors Affect Your Rehabilitation?; Recreational Therapy; Independent Living: History and Philosophy; Personal Assistants: How to Find, Hire, and Keep Them; and more.

All Abroad!

Video. $49. Contact: Mobility International USA, P.O. Box 10767, Eugene, OR 97440. (541) 343-1284 / 343-6812 (fax) /

This informational video for disability audiences showcases the major benefits of international exchange and the wide range of opportunities available. It answers frequently-asked questions about funding, accommodations abroad, and how to be involved hosting international exchange participants.

Community Supports for Aging Adults with Lifelong Disabilities

Edited by Janicki, M.P., and E.F. Ansello. 616 pages; $50.40. Contact: The Disability Resource Library, (800) 686-6049 / .

Community Supports provides insight on how to guide people with disabilities and their families in retirement and financial planning, supporting health and wellness, adapting home environments, and much more.

Building Bridges Training Video

$49. Contact: Mobility International USA, P.O. Box 10767, Eugene, OR 97440. (541) 343-1284 / 343-6812 (fax) /

"Building Bridges" is aimed at international educators and exchange professionals as a companion guide to the publication, Building Bridges: A Manual on Including People with Disabilities in International Exchange Programs. The video provides practical how-tos on topics such as recruiting, homestays, accommodations abroad, and where to obtain disability-related information.


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