Sports & Rec: Five Titles for Moleda

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News December 2015

PVA Racing Team member completes fifth Ironman World Championship

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Paralyzed Racing Team member and Navy veteran Carlos Moleda recently completed and won his fifth Ironman World Championship in Hawaii in the Physically Challenged Athletes Division. Moleda finished the 2.4-mile swim in Waikiki, 112-mile handcycle race around O’ahu and 26.2-mile marathon in Honolulu in 11 hours, 32 minutes and 34 seconds. Although Italy’s Alex Zanardi (9:40.37) finished in a faster time than Moleda, he was not eligible for age-group awards because of the type of equipment he uses. Moleda, who was the top U.S. finisher in the division, placed sixth overall in swim (1:49.24), fourth overall in handcycle (7:09.24) and second overall in the run (2:24.51).


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Sports & Rec: Five Titles for Moleda


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