Sports & Rec: Fast Start, Mastel

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News December 2015

Paralyzed Veterans of America North Central Trapshoot

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Roger, Roger look who finished atop the Sept. 25-27 Paralyzed Veterans of America North Central Trapshoot. Roger Mastel finished as the overall winner with 287 points, hitting 98 out of 100 targets to claim the AA singles title, 95 out of 100 to take the A doubles title and 94 out of 100 to earn the Long Handicap title in Sioux Falls, S.D. Mastel defeated Gavin Graserson by nine points. Jon Olson finished as high spinal-cord injured veteran with 274 points.

Additionally, Ron Putzier (A, 97), Cody Burgin (B, 97), Tom Richey (C, 90) and Olson (D, 97) each won singles titles. Rick Kalsow (88, AA), Graserson (B, 93), Norb Egor Hoff (Wisconsin, C, 90) and Hank Ebert (D, 88) each won doubles titles. Rick Stauffacher (91) took the Medium Handicap title, while Nick Seiter (94) nabbed the Short Handicap title.


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Sports & Rec: Fast Start, Mastel


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