Sports & Rec: Fenton Rolls

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News November 2015

Trapshoot in Keystone

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Jeff Fenton rolled to the Sept. 4–6 Keystone Paralyzed Veterans of America Trapshoot overall title in Pittsburgh, winning three individual divisions.
He finished with a 269, defeating Rick Van Vorst, the high overall spinal-cord injury winner, by 23 points.

Fenton totaled 90 out of 100 points to take the C singles division, 87 points to win the B doubles division and 92 points to take the short handicap title.
Van Vorst won D division doubles with 75 points and finished runner-up in 
B singles with 87 points.
Other singles winners included Dave David (B, 91) and Arthur Bartman (D, 83).

David also notched the handgun tournament title, recording 343 points — 192 out of 200 from the 15-yard mark and 151 out of 200 from the 25-yard mark. He defeated David Gifford by 20 points.


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Sports & Rec: Fenton Rolls


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