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Detroit will open a new home for its beloved Red Wings in 2017 with some help from PVA.
Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News November 2015

PVA's Michigan chapter has say in new NHL arena

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A new arena for one of the NHL’s  famed “Original Six” franchises is being built with input from Paralyzed Veterans of America’s (PVA) Michigan Chapter.
Olympia Development started construction earlier this year on the new home for the Detroit Red Wings that is currently called the Detroit Events Center. The estimated $450-million arena is expected to be open in time for the 2017 Red Wings season.

The center is capitalizing on PVA’s expertise in designing arenas and stadiums that comply and sometimes go beyond the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
“The Red Wings reached out to us,” says Michael Harris, executive director of the Michigan Chapter. “For most chapters, it’s gotten to a point over the years where they have formed close relationships with the management of local sports teams, so whenever there is an ADA-related issue, we are usually contacted because our opinion on how they should proceed is valued.”
The Michigan Chapter will continue working with Red Wings’ team owners as part of a building advisory board that includes a range of disability groups. This enables the groups to highlight what issues impact their ability to have a positive experience at a hockey game, Harris says.

“Architects have come a long way, but we like to reinforce and ensure that nothing has been overlooked,” Harris says. “It allows the sports team building the facility to have the confidence to know they’ve met their obligations.”

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PVA Points: Hockeytown Help


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