PVA points: Food City Funds

NASCAR icon Richard Petty helps Food City officials present former PVA President Bill Lawson with $170,000 for PVA's Mission ABLE campaign.
Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News November 2015

Food City steps in to support PVA

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Virginia grocery giant Food City is again stepping forward to provide a major gift for Paralyzed Veterans of America’s (PVA) Mission: ABLE campaign. Food City raised a record $170,000 in July for the program that improves lives and builds better futures for many of the nation’s veterans with disabilities. Now in its fifth year, the campaign has raised more than $610,000 for the Mission: ABLE campaign.

“Food City is a long-standing partner and friend of the Paralyzed Veterans of America family,” says PVA National President Al Kovach Jr. “Their dedication to our mission is unwavering and invaluable to our fundraising efforts to support veterans and their families.”


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PVA points: Food City Funds


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