Wisconsin Squeaks Out Title

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News August 2015

Wisconsin nabbed the mid-May Iowa Paralyzed Veterans of America shooting tournament, finishing with a 1,297 team total to defeat Minnesota (1,225) and North Central (1,217).

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Four of Wisconsin’s five team members — Dave David (283) who finished with the overall top score, John Pilotte (279), Don Trenkle (259) and Ken Bucchholz (252) — finished with 250-plus totals, while Jim Rutledge added a 224.

Singles winners included: Gayle Lawson (AA, 94); Steven Wagner (A, 97); Pilotte (B, 99); Hank Ebert (C, 97); and Buccholz (D, 93). In doubles, David (A, 96), John Dvorak (B, 87), Lawson (C, 84) and Pilotte (D, 85) won titles.

Wagner won the long handicap with 93, while Pilotte took the medium handicap (95) and Jim Russo won the short handicap (96).


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Wisconsin Squeaks Out Title


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