Mid-America Defends Its Turf

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News August 2015

The Mid-America Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) defended its home course with an 11-point victory over North Central PVA, 1,163-1,152, in May’s Mid-America PVA Trapshoot Tournament in Sedgwick, Kan.

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Mid-America PVA member Ronald Beach finished as the overall winner with 290 points and won the AA singles division with a perfect 100-point score and the AA doubles with a 99-point score.

Gerald Miles (A, 100), Rowdy Snook (B, 99) and Jack Gill (D, 90) each won in singles divisions, while Steve Wittrig (A, 89), Casey Bock (B, 93), Tyler Bock (C, 82) and Snook (D, 85) earned doubles victories.

Martin Wilbur won the long handicap (92). Darreld Toothman took the medium handicap (91). And Audrey George won the short handicap (91).


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Mid-America Defends Its Turf


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