A Pair For Pilotte

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News August 2015

John Pilotte was a double-winner at the June Colonial Paralyzed Veterans of America Shooting Tournament.

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He took the B singles title, hitting 96 out of 100 targets, and the D doubles title with 78 out of 100 to finish as the event’s only two-division champ.

The Colonial 1 team, though, defeated Pilotte’s Colonial 2 team, 1,256-1,114, to win the team title.

Other singles winners included: T.G. Shepherd Jr. (AA, 99), Rickey Hensley (A, 96), Robert Knode (C, 91) and Elizabeth Evering (D, 93).

William Forester (A, 91) and William Davis (C, 86) each won doubles divisions.

Ray Doug Greenwell took the long handicap (93), while Jack Stockhausen (89) won the medium handicap and Tim Doyle won the short handicap (96).



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A Pair For Pilotte


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