Big Catches Help Hunt, Santiago

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News August 2015

Angler Arthur Hunt (Harrisburg, Ill.) and boat partner Jay Ash (Grovetown, Ga.) not only won Paralyzed Veterans of America’s Mid-Atlantic Old Dominion Brawl open competition in late May, they also finished as the event’s Lunker Award winners.

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They caught five fish totaling 16.94 pounds at James River in Richmond, Va., including an open-best 8-pound catch, to outdistance angler Jack Barber (West, Texas) and boat partner Ken Whitson (Chantilly, Va.), who caught five fish equaling 11.63 pounds.

Jose Santiago (Stafford, Va.) did the same in the bank competition. Thanks to his 3.8-pound catch, he finished with 4.37 pounds and earned the Big Fish Award as he defeated Ken DaVault (Silver Spring, Md.) by 1.22 pounds.

Angler Gary Holland (Oklahoma City) and boat partner Donna Hendrickson (Garland, Texas) took the bank title. They recorded 3.86 pounds to defeat DaVault (Silver Spring, Md.) and boat partner Maria Moreno (Fort Belvoir, Va.) by .91 pounds.

Angler Douglas Price (Corinth, Miss.) and boat partner Chuck Comer (Chester, Va.) took the team competition with their 15.02-pound five-fish total to edge angler Joshua Evans (Brunswick, Md.) and boat partner Timothy Chaffin (Quinton, Va.) who caught five fish totaling 14.06 pounds. Tony Choe (Fairfax Station, Va.) earned the Lunker Award with his 6.1-pound catch.



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Big Catches Help Hunt, Santiago


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