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Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News January 2015

New books related to people who use wheelchairs are now on the shelf.

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Revelations After 21 Years (pictured above) chronicles one woman’s challenges with quadriplegia and the secondary conditions that come with it. Dorothy Graham Alford details how she dealt with her circumstances while keeping a marriage alive and raising three children. It’s available in paperback ($14.39) and on Kindle ($3.99) at

Quadriplegic author David “Doc” Robertson is donating half of the royalties for his latest book, My Break-Ups, A Lunkhead’s Love Story, to local charities such as Gilda’s Club, a cancer support community in Palm Desert, Calif. The fictional novel is about a boy detailing several reasons for breaking up with someone. It’s available on Kindle ($2.99) at


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