Help Hiring Vets

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News January 2015

Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) was one of several veterans’ service organizations helping vets go back to work during National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

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PVA partnered with Hiring Our Heroes, the Wounded Warrior Project and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation to host the Recovering Warrior Employment Conference in Boston last October.

The conference featured a series of employment workshops and one-on-one vocational training for disabled veterans, caregivers and employers.

A new part of the conference equipped employers with the best practices for ramping up recruitment, hiring and retention of veterans with disabilities as well as their caregivers.

“Paralyzed Veterans of America has been working with caregivers for a very long time, but it seems to be a new focus now publicly,” says Shelly Edwards, employer network coordinator at PVA. “A lot of employers don’t yet know how to engage, aren’t tracking that information or aren’t sure how to target their recruiting strategies toward finding caregivers for disabled veterans.”

Edwards says they hope to host similar conferences in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Antonio sometime this year.



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Help Hiring Vets


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