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Reprinted from PN July 2001
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— Searchable Database. Finding information about international opportunities just became easier for people with disabilities who want to explore the world. Mobility International USA (MIUSA) has added a searchable database to its extensive Web site ( You?ll be able to look for language and home-stay programs in Latin America, Europe, and Asia; semester or yearly education-abroad programs anywhere in the world; short-term work-abroad programs; international internships in a variety of fields; teaching opportunities at primary, secondary, and post-secondary levels worldwide; and overseas volunteer opportunities in public health, youth development, environment, and many other fields. The Web site includes 100 exchange organizations in more than 70 countries. Each entry features the program?s contact information, description, organizational experience or philosophy on including participants with disabilities, and a link to the program?s Web site. More than 175 disability organizations worldwide are listed in the online database, which is searchable by region, country, and disability type. Contact: (541) 343-1284 /

— Educational Forum. The second annual World Congress & Exposition on Disabilities (WCD) takes place September 28-30 at the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta. During the three-day event, opinion leaders in medicine, science, education, research, technology, and product development will exchange information and ideas on today?s most important issues with people with disabilities, their families, and caregivers as well as healthcare professionals and educators involved in their care and development.

Within the forum, more than 65 sessions reviewed by WCD's Educational Advisory Board will address myriad topics. As with last year's conference, Emory University School of Medicine will offer Continuing Medical Education (CME) accreditation for designated seminars. Contact: World Congress & Exposition on Disabilities, 210 Route 4 East, Suite 403, Paramus, NJ 07652. (877) 923-3976 / (201) 226-1446 / 226-1236 (fax) /


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