Three Tight Shoots

Competitors square off at the Northwest Paralyzed Veterans of America Trapshoot in Sumner, Wash.
Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News October 2014

Bill Palmer squeaked out the Northwest Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) Handgun Competition title by the slimmest of margins.

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He totaled 351 points, edging out Keith Rheinhardt by one point in Sumner, Wash. Palmer finished with 186 points from the 15-yard marker and 165 points from the 25-yard marker, while Rheinhardt had 187 from 15 yards and 163 from 25 yards. Matt Hodge (344 points) finished third.

But Rheinhardt still managed to shoot himself to a title of his own, taking the High Overall Spinal-Cord Injury title at the Northwest PVA Trapshoot. A Cal-Diego team member, he finished with 253 points overall. Mike Davis (265 points) and Doug Vann (260 points) finished with the High Overall title. Because of a discrepancy, dual awards were given.

Palmer won the C Division, while Joseph L. Fox Sr., took the D Division in doubles. Bill Loyd won the C Division and Ray Brock took the D Division in singles.

In July, Roosevelt Anderson Jr. and Gary McDermott seemed to be one-upping each other. Each won one air rifle competition, but they tied for the overall title at the Wisconsin PVA Air Rifle and Pistol Tournament in Milwaukee.

Anderson won the SH2 Prone division with 362 points, defeating McDermott by four. But McDermott won the SH2 Standing title with 366 points, defeating Anderson by the same amount. They tied atop the overall air rifle scoreboard with 724 points each with Janine Spears (679) in third.

Gwen Sheppard took both the Open Prone and Open Standing Air Rifle events with 261 points each and finished the overall Air Pistol leader with 207 points. Lewis Colvin III also won the SH1 Prone (260 points) and SH1 Standing (259 points) Air Rifle events.



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Three Tight Shoots


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