Mobility Reviews

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News October 2014

A new website is creating a community for people looking for the best in mobility and accessibility.

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The user-based site,, allows consumers to write and/or read reviews of products and services for people with disabilities.

Anyone who has an experience with a mobility product and/or service, such as mobility equipment dealers and the services they provide as well as a variety of mobility products like hand controls, home stair lifts, manual and powered wheelchairs and wheelchair-accessible vans, can log on and rate their experience and write a review.

On the same note, the website allows users to search for mobility products and services in their area and read customer reviews from people who have already been there. ensures each review is authentic by contacting the reviewer. If workers can’t get a hold of him/her, the review is taken down.

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Mobility Reviews


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