Reduced UTIs

The BioFlo device mimics a closed system by using a secure magnetic design that serves as an anti-reflux valve, preventing the potential for urine from the bag and bacteria to flow up the catheter and into the bladder.
Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News October 2014

Trials with a new urinary management system at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta have cut the occurrence of catheter-associated urinary tract infections in patients with spinal-cord injury in half since last October.

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A new national patient safety standard set in January 2013 requires patients to be on an “unbroken” catheter system 100% of the time. When bed bags used at night are switched to a more conspicuous leg bag for daytime use, the system is “broken” which can cause infection from backflow of urine and bacteria into the bladder. The closed-system BioFlo catheter prevents this from happening.

The system features a magnetic auto valve that only opens to release urine after a natural accumulation of about 20 cubic centimeters. When no urine is being released, the valve remains closed so no backflow into the bladder can occur.

It also features a quick disconnect design that stays closed even when bags are disconnected. The feature contains a plunger that slides into place when the bag is removed, closing off the end and allowing the user to change between a bed bag, leg bags and even a manual release system.

“Not only does this outcome carry significant benefits for patients, it is also expected to translate to nearly $170,000 in cost avoidance for the hospital,” says Kristin Goin, BSIE, a senior improvement advisor in Quality, Outcomes and Patient Safety.

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Reduced UTIs


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