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Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News October 2014

The 2014–15 school year started a few months ago and there are 25 students working on college degrees right now thanks to some help from Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA).

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PVA’s primary goal is to assist its members and their families in improving the quality of their life. This goal is addressed through a wide variety of activities, including support of programs designed to provide education and training.

The Educational Scholarship Program was established to assist PVA members and their immediate families in gaining a post-secondary education.

The following full-time students have each been awarded a $1,000 scholarship to help them pursue their higher education goals.

For more information on the PVA scholarship program, visit


Noah Agne

Xavier University

Son of Charles Agne

Gateway Chapter


Justin Betts

Georgia Southern University

Son of Ross Betts II

Southeastern Chapter


Kelsea Bixler

Cowley County Community College

Daughter of Gene Bixler

Mid-America Chapter


Jennifer Bond

University of Southern Mississippi

Daughter of William Bond

Mid-South Chapter


Maya Chatman

Georgia Southern University

Daughter of Wanda Chatman

Southeastern Chapter


Johannes-Jacobus Crawford

Brigham Young University

Son of Lawrence Crawford

Mountain States Chapter

Stephanie Dolezal*

Virginia Tech

Daughter of Jeffrey Dolezal

Mid-Atlantic Chapter


David Ethridge

Kennesaw State University

Son of Thomas Hall

Southeastern Chapter


Taleah Foster

North Carolina Central University

Daughter of Booker Foster

Mid-Atlanic Chapter


Terquan Foster

University of North Carolina-Pembroke

Son of Booker Foster

Mid-Atlantic Chapter


Ryan Hadley

Baldwin Wallace University

Son of Brian Hadley

Member At Large


Megan Houlton

Northeastern State University

Daughter of Dennis Houlton

Mid-America Chapter


John Kazanjian

Purdue University

Son of Phillip Kazanjian

California Chapter


Keiyana Lee

University of Arizona

Daughter of Eric Lee

Zia Chapter


Samuel McCauley

College of Charleston

Son of Joel McCauley

Southeastern Chapter


Katherine Ness

University of Wisconsin

Daughter of Kenneth Ness

Wisconsin Chapter

Alexcee Nienow

Creighton University

Granddaughter of Merlin Canfield

North Central Chapter


Barbara Prescott

University at Buffalo

Daughter of Drew Prescott

New England Chapter


Amber Rice

Wallace State Community College

Daughter of Johnathan Rice

Southeastern Chapter


Marissa Spencer

The College of William & Mary

Daughter of Timmy Spencer

Mid-Atlantic Chapter


Brittney Stever

Kansas Wesleyan University

Daughter of Mark Stever

Mid-America Chapter


Robert Taylor

Liberty University

PVA Member

Mid-South Chapter


Christian Trinidad

Valencia College

Son of Eric Trinidad-Torres

Central Florida Chapter


Jeremiah Wickersheim

University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Son of Gary Wickersheim

Wisconsin Chapter


Blake Wood

University of Oklahoma

Son of William “Hodge” Wood

Mid-America Chapter



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