Computer Corner:
Good-bye Mouse

Reprinted from PN July 2001
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Effective June 21, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 provides federal agencies with standards mandating that all technology procured after that date be accessible to employees and members of the public with disabilities. Providing access requires purchasing and using technology that has been adapted to accommodate special needs.

AXS Technologies, whose patented parallel-processing technology increases the speed at which high-quality digital images are viewed, says its EyeSpy Image Server supports Section 508.

"EyeSpy's alternative keyboard navigation allows individuals who are unable to operate a mouse to utilize the software's zoom, pan, and resize features," says Katharine Dixon, AXS vice president of marketing.

To further expand EyeSpy's accessibility features, Web developers can incorporate recorded commentaries or Alt Text, enabling people with severely impaired vision to experience images online.

Contact: Joe Conway, AXS vice president, government programs and sales, (888) 920-3993 / (410) 263-3637 / 263-3684 (fax) /


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Computer Corner:
Good-bye Mouse


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