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Virginia native Keith Green won the “B” Division championship and recorded his first national singles title at the 53rd annual American Wheelchair Bowling Association National Championships.
Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News September 2014

Keith Green cleaned up at the 53rd annual American Wheelchair Bowling Association National Championships.

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The Virginia native rolled to two titles and also earned a major award at the June tournament co-spon sored by Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) and the Mid-Atlantic PVA chapter along with other groups at the Bowl America Short Pump in Glen Allen, Va.

First, Green joined with John Sharp and Phillip Daniel to win the Handicap Team event, beating out 15 teams for the title. Then, he won the “B” Division championship defeating fellow Virginia native Ladon Chambers, 246-191, to earn his first national singles title. And to cap the tournament, he received the Buddy Cole Award for the largest improvement, finishing at +298.

Mark Shepherd captured two titles, as the Colorado resident teamed with Mike DeLoach to win the Up/Down crown and the former national champion also took the Tournament of Champions title.

In the “A” Division, J.K. Johnston showed other bowlers they shouldn’t mess with Texas. Johnston, from Texas, defeated Johnnie Baylark, 197-185, to capture his second A Division crown.

DeLoach also won the Scratch Division roll-offs. He defeated five-time national Scratch champion Walt Roy (188-177), Shepherd (194-154), Shawn Beam (170-145) and George Holscher (202-170) for his first national singles title.

Kevin Schaefer, from California, and John Budd, from Indiana, teamed together to win the Welker Scratch Doubles competition over 23 teams. It marked Schaefer’s second national doubles crown, with the first coming with Billy Birch as his partner.

Mike Destasio won the Handicap Tournament of Champions crown. Baylark captured the Seniors title.

Janet Norwood earned the Alma Ladwig Award as the top female bowler, while George Holscher (Scratch Division) and Baylark and Andy Bernt (both in Handicap Division) won the Richard Carlson All Events Champion. Jerry Mills, from Virginia, received the Bill Hart Sportsmanship Award.

Sixty bowlers competed in the tournament.


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