VA Claim Action

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News September 2014

The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) announced in July that it had completed its one-millionth disability claim in fiscal year 2014, reducing the disability claims backlog by more than 55% since its peak in March 2013.

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However, after the decision is made, those benefits need to be delivered in a timely manner. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and VBA announced several initiatives to see this happen:

-Assembling an expert team to determine possible scenarios where an individual might find a way “around the system” and decide if further controls are needed.

-Directing a 100% facility and desk audit of mail and documentation at all 56 regional offices to ensure records management compliance and proper control, storage and maintenance of claim mail and other benefit-related documents.

-Applying VBA for ISO 9001 certification — considered the ultimate global benchmark for quality management — to provide additional external validation and additional quality assurance of VBA’s data in order to be responsive to concerns and further instill trust in the system.

-Responding quickly to begin necessary actions including immediately notifying the continuation of providing publicly-available performance data on benefits through its Monday Morning Workload Reports every week at

“While VBA has made significant progress toward eliminating the disability rating claims backlog, we must also improve pro­ductivity on other categories of non-rating work,” says Under Secretary for Benefits Allison Hickey. “We still need to do a better job in timely delivery of these benefits, which is why we have been implementing a seven-initiative effort to focus on nonrating claims.”

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VA Claim Action


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