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Reprinted from PN September 2001
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— For Kathy Weinstein, 61, of Tamarac, Fla., bowling comes as naturally as caring for her dog and two birds. Of course, she does it and everything else from a wheelchair.

When the Circle Broach team from Brighton, Mich., arrived to bowl in the WIBC 2001 Championship, held in Tamarac, they needed a substitute, so they asked Weinstein to bowl. Entering with a 118 average, Weinstein says she and her chair were welcomed graciously by the team, and they had a great time bowling together. Weinstein was 5 years old when doctors diagnosed her polio, and she's used a wheelchair ever since. She bowls off the side of her chair rather than using a chute and currently has a 125 average. Her career high is 189.

— International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Juan Antonio Samaranch and International Paralympic Committee (IPC) President Dr. Robert Steadward recently signed an agreement aimed at securing and protecting the Paralympic Games, effective from the 2008 Paralympic Games and the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games. The agreement reaffirms that the Paralympic Games always take place shortly after the Olympics, using the same sporting venues and facilities. Contact: International Paralympic Committee,

— This year's last PVA trapshoot before the national tournament (September 8-9) in Sioux Falls, S.D., took place in Green Bay, Wis., on July 13-14. Hosted by Wisconsin Paralyzed Veterans of America, the event attracted 51 competitors from all over the country. Proving that trap is a "universal" sport, women and men, shooters who are able-bodied and those with disabilities, and experienced marksmen/-women and novices shot side-by-side. Overall scores for a total of 300 targets ranged from a high of 279 down to 21. Wisconsin's Joe Gross, a young long-yardage shooter, took High Overall honors with a 279/300. Don Eller (Ga.) shot a 275 to win the High Overall Wheelchair title. Southeastern PVA's team—Norm Bissell, Ron Cooley, Eller, Al Taylor, and David Vaughn—combined for 1,318 and first place in the PVA Team competition. As of press time, the tentative 2002 Circuit includes stops in Nevada, Arizona, Florida, California, Georgia, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. For information, contact Cliff McDowell at PVA Sports, (800) 424-8200 / (202) 416-7683 /


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