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Walter Bernstein (right) and Robert Polyak review architectural plans in front of a newly constructed home.
Reprinted from PN September 2001
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The spark that led to forming Yvonnes Property Management, Inc., occurred when one of Walter Bernstein's partners was planning a family celebration. The man's mother (a wheelchair user) and his grandchildren thought Disneyland-Orlando (Fla.) was an exciting destination.

However, the cost of housing was prohibitive, and hotels' showers and toilets were difficult to use. The family decided to build their own house and then rent it out, pricing it to make it an affordable and memorable vacation for the entire family. They asked Bernstein to manage it for them.

Born in New York, Bernstein sustained a spinal-cord injury while serving in Vietnam (1964-1965), so he understands the needs of people with disabilities. He founded Yvonnes Orlando Holidays (named after his wife) to specialize in building and managing rental vacation homes for travelers with disabilities.

Bernstein's business experience includes in-depth technical analysis of computer systems, operations, implementation, and daily business management. He and his wife, who is also his business partner, began the corporation four years ago with zero cash insertion. As president, he brought the assets to more than $1.6 million a year in gross revenue, with expected revenues exceeding $2.1 million for fiscal year 2001. A property management officer, Bernstein controls Orlando-area real estate valued at more than $12 million. With Bernstein at the helm, his company has experienced rapid growth, doubling and tripling revenues each year.

Following his SCI, Bernstein said, "I will never give up my hopes and dreams, no matter what." And he obviously hasn't.

Contact: Yvonnes Orlando Holidays, 405 Durango Loop, Westridge, Davenport, FL 33837. (877) 714-1144 (toll- free) / (863) 424-0795 (outside the U.S.) / 424-9265 (fax) /


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On the Job:


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