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Reprinted from PN September 2001
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— The new publication Air Travel Guide for Seniors and Disabled Passengers is designed to assist special-needs travelers. It prepares readers to ask the right questions of the right people at the right stage of their planning to ensure that the airline and airport deliver the most personalized service passengers could hope to receive. The book retails for $16.95 and is available in select bookstores. As part of a limited-time promotion, interested readers can get it for 25% off and have it inexpensively shipped to their homes. Contact: (888) 755-8466.

— American Airlines' new passenger program, Sky CAAre, provides registered nurses as medical companions for people who need medical assistance for air travel, taking trips to medical appointments, or when they become ill or injured away from home. Sky CAAre personnel are emergency room nurses with Advanced Cardiac Life support certification and have received supplemental training as American Airlines flight nurses. To use this service, contact American Airlines reservations (800-433-7300) and indicate you would like to arrange Sky CAAre travel. A coordinator works closely with you, your family, and your physician to obtain your present diagnosis, medical history, medical or special needs, and any orders from the doctor. The Sky CAAre nurse meets you at the gate prior to departure, and he or she remains with you through the entire trip until family or a receiving group arrives. You purchase two adjacent seats at a 30% discount off the published, nonrestricted fares and also pay the hourly nurse fee. Contact: Sky CAAre, 4255 Amon Carter Boulevard, Maildrop 4100 HDQ, Fort Worth, TX 76155. (817) 963-1253 / 963-6378 (fax).

— The President's Quarters Inn and Guesthouse is located in downtown Savannah, Ga. The President's Quarters has four stories with four rooms on each floor, many with fireplaces and Jacuzzi? whirlpool baths. The three-story guesthouse has one unit on each floor. Room 102 is adapted for wheelchair users. Located on the courtyard level, it has two double beds, an exposed brick wall, and a fireplace. The bathroom features a large shower with a seat and grab bars. The sink is open and has room to maneuver a wheelchair around it. Contact: The President's Quarters, 225 East President Street, Savannah, GA 31401. (912) 233-1600 / 238-0849 (fax) / (888) 592-1812 /

This completely accessible home, located on the shores of Hood Canal (Washington's Olympic Peninsula), was built for a retired individual with limited mobility.

All on one level, the house sleeps eight, has easy wheelchair access directly from a flat driveway, and features a deck over the beach and out to a pier for swimming or boating. The four-bedroom, two-bath rental is fully furnished, with kitchen linens and towels provided. One bath features handrails throughout and an accessible shower. Children and most pets are welcome. The home is available during the summer peak season only.

Contact: (360) 275-1757 /

Island Hopper Boats International, Inc.'s, custom-built vessels are suited to their customers' needs. The company's wheelchair-accessible boats—great for river, lake, or ocean voyages—are diesel- or gas-powered and have spacious deck areas. They have hydraulic steering at the helm with a stainless-steel destroyer wheel, all modified for wheelchair access. Contact: Island Hopper Boats International, Inc., Fort Pierce, FL 34946. (800) 827-2480 / (561) 468-6796 / 468-4662 (fax) /

Acadian Adventures, of southern Louisiana, will cater to visitors with disabilities. The bed and breakfast will be accessible only by boat, and it will offer swamp and eco-tours, fishing, bird watching, and wildflower tours. In addition, visitors can access screened-in gazebos located in cypress groves via boardwalks over the swamps. Contact: Acadian Adventures, (504) 640-8862.

Under a contract with the Department of Justice (DOJ), The Key Bridge Foundation receives referrals of complaints under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Title II and III for mediation from individuals who have been trained in ADA's legal requirements. An increasing number of peoplewith disabilities and disability rights organizations are requesting that DOJ refer their complaints to mediation. More than 450 professionals are available nationwide to mediate ADA cases. More than 80% of the cases have been successfully resolved. File Title II or III violations complaints with Disability Rights Section, Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice, P.O. Box 66738, Washington, DC 20035-6738. If you want the complaint referred to the ADA Mediation Program, on the outside of the envelope write "Attention: Mediation."

The above information is provided by Carol Randall, Access-Able Travel Source, Wheat Ridge, Colo. /


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