A Caregiver's Story

Reprinted from PN September 2001
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"Being a caregiver and a care recipient is only one part of our lives," explains Evie Rosen. "We are also parents, grandparents, friends, readers, confidants, mentors, travelers, and people with a zest for life. That's how we define ourselves." Evie is a long-time caregiver for her husband Bill, who has been paralyzed by multiple sclerosis (MS). Suzanne Mintz, president and cofounder of National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA), tells Evie's story so that caregivers can learn from each other—and noncaregivers can become more aware of what it means to be part of a caregiving family.

NFCA is a grass-roots organization created to empower, educate, support, and speak up for America's family caregivers. Mintz contributes PN's quarterly column Caregiver Connection. For information on NFCA, contact (800) 896-3650 / .


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A Caregiver's Story


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