Accessible Tent

Online Exclusive posted Tuesday, January 7, 2014 - 9:20am

Roll into camping comfort in this wheelchair accessible tent

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The Italian company Ferrino is the Da Vinci of accessible products and wheelchairs. Their innovative designs continue to merge style and function into useful products for the wheelchair community.

Now they’ve taken their innovation camping with a new accessible tent. Able to Enjoy has designed a portable tent, constructed with a thermal insulating aluminized polyester material designed for comfort and durability.

The tent has a wide accessible entrance allowing the user to roll inside and settle in for the night. The manufacturer says you’ll be safe from the elements thanks to the cotton/nylon waterproof material, insulated floor and taped seams.

Able to Enjoy offers a host of options to personalize the tent for your use and camping comfort.

For more information, visit Able to Enjoy online or email for international orders.

€ 226,00 / $308.00


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Accessible Tent


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