Good, Bad & Ugly

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News November 2013

Daily log chronicles Alzheimer's toll.

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Diane Bradshaw stood by her husband, Arnold, for five years as he battled Alzheimer’s disease. During that time she kept a daily log of the care provided to him and the disease’s physical toll. The log is now a book, I Am Arnold.

The book looks at care provided to the World War II veteran at the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Syracuse, N.Y. The author reveals the good, the bad and the ugly in nursing facilities along with the challenges of watching a loved one struggle through the disease.

“I want people to get a firsthand view of what to expect in terms of nursing facilities, government facilities, how to care for a loved one and what to expect from the disease itself,” Bradshaw says.

I Am Arnold (148 pages) is available in softcover, hardcover and ebook formats. For more information, visit or


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Good, Bad & Ugly


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