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Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News October 2013

Wounded Warrior Battalion and PVA Cal-Diego compete in air rifle/pistol event in San Diego.

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Thinking of the third annual Paralyzed Veterans (PVA) of America’s Cal-Diego Chapter Air Rifle/Pistol seminar and competition as just a bunch of people shooting would be a big mistake.

There was certainly a lot of practice and competition shooting going on during the July event at the Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego, but that was nowhere near the whole story. The tournament also included plenty of camaraderie, learning and new experiences.

Lance Weir, Cal-Diego PVA, uses a quad stand to support his air rifle.

The seminar and competition brought together 11 participants from the PVA Cal-Diego Chapter and the Wounded Warrior Battalion at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. The two-day event was divided into practice on Day One and competition on Day Two.

During the practice phase Cal-Diego member Wayne Landon was able to get a good feel for shooting thanks to some special equipment. Landon had tried air rifle previously, but the lack of the right gear made it a not-so-good experience.

This time, organizers had a quad stand to support the rifle as well as a quad trigger to pull the trigger. This let Landon pull the trigger and shoot by puffing into an actuator tube. The equipment helped him have a better time and post a decent score.

Practice included shooting from several positions that would be repeated during the actual competition. Prone position for wheelchair shooters means sitting in the chair with elbows and chests on a table in front of the shooter. Participants can also use a sling to tighten up their position.

Shooting a rifle from a standing position for wheelchair users means sitting in their chair without letting their arms touch the table or their wheelchairs. In both positions, the SH2 (upper extremity impairment) shooters can utilize a quad stand to help stabilize their rifle.

During the event several participants also go add a little trap and skeet shooting to the mix with Marine Corps shooting coach Phil Bryant at Camp Pendleton. Soon to be Cal-Diego member Calvin Smith tried an adaptive device Bryant recently acquired, but no one’s tried yet. It really made a difference in Smith’s ability to maintain a sustained course of fire.

The competition itself was very competitive with some very high scores and impressive shooting. Several shooters came close to perfect scores.

Full results can be found at

Contributor: Jim Russell.


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More Than Meets The Eye


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