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Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News September 2013

Seriously injured vets to receive help in home ownership.

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A new nonprofit group is working to make sure all severely wounded veterans get the needed funding to create specially adapted homes for them.

Homes for Our Troops founder John S. Gonsalves has launched Defining A New Generation. The group wants to make sure seriously injured vets receive a mortgage-free, specially adapted home.

To help achieve this goal, the organization has introduced The SAH (Specially Adapted Housing) Mission. The Department of Veterans Affairs currently provides help to build adapted homes for injured veterans, but Gonsalves says that falls short.

“The problem is that the current SAH grant for returning severely wounded veterans provided by the Veterans Administration is flawed,” Gonsalves says. “It allows for a maximum of just $64,960 regardless of the veteran’s injuries. This is not nearly enough money to help a veteran construct or renovate a home that can handle his or her special needs.”

Defining A New Generation’s goal is to convince President Obama, Congress and others that a change in the law is needed. Gonsalves is hoping benefits can be set up on a “sliding scale based on injuries received, not on a static, limited amount.”

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Money for Homes


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