Guidelines for Passenger Vessels

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News September 2013

U.S. Access Board releases for public comment proposed ADA guidelines for passenger vessels.

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This past July, the U.S. Access Board released for public comment proposed ADA guidelines for newly built or altered passenger vessels.

The guidelines address various features of vessel (ship) accessibility and include provisions for onboard routes, vertical access between decks, doorways and coamings, toilet rooms, guest rooms, alarm systems, and other spaces and elements used by passengers.

As proposed, the guidelines would apply to cruise ships and other vessels that carry more than 150 passengers or at least
50 overnight passengers. They also cover ferries designed to carry 100 or more passengers and tenders allowed to carry 60 or more passengers.

The board is not proposing requirements for smaller vessels due to design challenges, space constraints, and other factors.

The rule is available at or

For more information, visit the passenger vessels homepage on the board’s website or contact Paul Beatty at / 202-272-0012. 


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Guidelines for Passenger Vessels


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