Stories of TM

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News September 2013

Transverse Myelitis: Our Stories is a compilation of 20 stories of people who are affected by TM.

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Author Kevin Weilacher has compiled 20 stories, from people all over the world, in a book to show how transverse myelitis (TM) has affected them as well as their families, careers, and personal lives.

Transverse Myelitis: Our Stories includes an account by Tom Rafferty, a retired NFL player who was on the Dallas Cowboys team that won Super Bowl XII.

Proceeds from sales of this book go toward TM research as well as to the International Disability Coalition, whose goal is to help people with TM and other disabilities.

Transverse Myelitis: Our Stories is available at and as an ebook from and


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Stories of TM


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