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Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News September 2013

BraunAbility hopes innovative SUV changes the way people think about mobility transportation.

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BraunAbility and West Coast Customs have unveiled an innovative SUV for a wounded warrior.

With its sliding double-door driver entry, military-inspired custom camouflage paint and the automatic raising and lowering of the body, the tricked-out Ford Explorer is not the typical wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

The driver-side door opens outward and a ramp lowers in place.

The vehicle’s keys were presented to Lance Cpl. Mike DeLancey as part of a reveal event filmed by West Coast Customs. BraunAbility hopes this  SUV will open the door to a new era of innovation in accessible vehicles.

“This vehicle was originally built in tribute to Americans like Lance Cpl. Delancey who have served our country, but it’s also a revolutionary concept,” says Kevin McMahon, BraunAbility’s executive vice president of sales and marketing. “We hope it will change how people everywhere think about mobility transportation.”

An ambassador for the Wounded Warrior Project, DeLancey has been dedicated to helping disabled veterans since a sniper’s bullet took away his ability to walk in 2006.

The SUV includes the following special features:


- Accessible driver’s area to allow for easy entry.

- Door opens automatically, exposing a wheelchair platform surface.

- Vehicle automatically lowers for wheelchair access and then raises to normal driving position.

- Custom wheelchair complete with an HP Elite Pad 9000.

- 42-inch widescreen LCD monitor for tailgating.

- 22-inch gloss black brushed accent wheels.

“This vehicle shows exactly what I tell the guys coming back from war with critical injuries: Just because you’ve been injured doesn’t mean you have to change or settle for something that’s not you,” DeLancey says.

The SUV will be highlighted on a West Coast Customs show this fall on Fox Sports.

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