Mike Utley Grants

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News May 2013

Mike Utley Foundation awards grants.

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The Mike Utley Foundation has awarded $40,000 to three entities for the 2012 grant cycle.

Among this year’s recipients are:

Craig Hospital Foundation (Englewood, Colo.): $15,000 for Project Equipment for Quality Life (EQL).  The program helps Craig patients purchase needed durable medical equipment in order to return home. It assists an average of 200 patients each year who don’t have adequate personal resources or insurance
coverage to pay for basic adaptive equipment. 

Shepherd Center Foundation (Atlanta, Ga.): $15,000 for their Therapeutic Recreation Program.  Research has shown that positive recreation time can increase physical fitness, self-confidence, development of skills and competence, social interaction, quality of life and overall well-being. The program’s goals are to improve physical, cognitive, and/or social functioning and to return the individual to as independent, active and healthy a lifestyle as possible.

Andrew H. Hansen PhD, Minneapolis VA Health Care System (Minneapolis): $10,000 for development of a manual wheelchair for improved shoulder biomechanics. A reported 1.5 million Americans use manual wheelchairs; the majority of these users report significant shoulder pain. This project’s purpose is to develop and evaluate a new wheelchair system that will lead to future clinical studies of shoulder biomechanics and shoulder pain in people with spinal-cord injury.

The 2013 Mike Utley Foundation grant applications will be available in June. For more information, visit


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Mike Utley Grants


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