Moving Forward

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News May 2013

Autobiography details the artistic path of Robert Florio.

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Robert Florio lost the ability to use his hands after injuring his spinal cord in a diving accident at age 14, in 1996.

Life! It Must Be A Comedy is his autobiography, explaining how in his fight for life he overcame depression, his transformation, the loss of sense of touch and complete disconnection from his body, his struggle with faith, and more.

After injury and paralysis, Florio had to learn how to live a whole new way. His artistic ability emerged when he discovered he could paint lifelike and imaginative creations with tools held in his mouth. His artistic talents extend to music, poetry, and comedy. (For information about his artwork, comedy and appearances, visit

In his autobiography, Florio captivates the frustrations of everyday life for him living with paralysis. Moving forward and not looking back is how he maintains a positive message.

To order Life! It Must Be A Comedy (360 pages, paperback), visit   


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Moving Forward


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