The Marrying Kind

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News May 2013

Book by Rhonda Evatt explains joy despite disability.

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Many people might look at Tim and Rhonda Evatt sitting in a restaurant with their two children and feel sorry for them.

They would see their 16-year-old get out her father’s fork that is bent in a 90 degree angle and unstrap the safety belt placed around his chest as the red-haired 6-year-old hops off the wheelchair’s footrests and up into his own chair. The general public might wonder why members of this family are smiling and laughing. How can they have such joy in their lives when Tim is so disabled?

101 Reasons to Marry a Quadriplegic by Rhonda Crozier Evatt answers the question.

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The Marrying Kind


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