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Bryan Anderson's show is off to a successful start after winning a 2012 Regional Emmy Award.
Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News May 2013

Iraq War veteran Bryan Anderson finds success in show biz.

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Bryan Anderson can add another piece of hardware to his mantel.

The Iraq War veteran’s PBS show Reporting for Service with Bryan Anderson is off to a successful start after winning a 2012 Regional Emmy Award.

Anderson served two tours of duty in Iraq and was stationed in Baghdad. The Purple Heart recipient lost both legs and his left hand from an explosive device in 2005, but he didn’t lose his positive demeanor.

“Just because I might have experienced a life-altering injury, my life isn’t altered,” Anderson says. “I still live life to the fullest. I can still help other people.”

And that he has.

Reporting for Service is hosted by Anderson and profiles organizations that epitomize giving back to the community by volunteerism. He’s also the national spokesman for Quantum Rehab, traveling the country and spreading his infectious positive energy with his message of perseverance and determination.

Winning the Regional Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement for Human Interest Programming left Anderson in a state of disbelief, he says.

“It tells you you’re doing the right thing, making good decisions, all while helping others. And that’s incredible.”

In an industry where thousands are trying to make it, Anderson thinks his background and experiences have helped him succeed with the show. Having achieved the rank of sergeant, it’s necessary to know how to lead and communicate with people effectively, according to Anderson.

He also thinks that because he’s a triple amputee, people are more inclined to stop and listen to what he has to say.

“It has kind of put me on a platform that I hope to use for good,” he says.

Anderson plans to continue in the business but says he mostly just wants to keep doing good for others.

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