Max Mobility: Smart Drive

The SmartDrive can be easily installed and removed from your wheelchair. Use it when you want it, leave it in the car when you don't.
Online Exclusive posted Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - 11:28am

Get smart about your mobility with this innovative device

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The battery slips under the seat and the drive unit drops onto the axle hitch. Almost too easy.

SmartDrive by Max Mobility allows wheelchair users to experience more freedom and have more power. 

The easily-installed power assist device attaches to the bottom of a wheelchair and acts as a powered third wheel. It can power up steep hills, through carpet, and over grass.

It’s simple: Push to go, brake to stop. Give one push at your desired speed, and SmartDrive will then take over and do the rest for you. Brake and its power will cease.

The lightweight device is just 12.5 pounds and freely rotates on its axel, allowing wheelies and easily drops off curbs. Its flexibility lets it move with the chair.

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Max Mobility: Smart Drive


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