Shooting Rules Change

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News April 2013

IPC introduces rules to make shooting competitions more exciting.

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New rules include a trial of decimal scoring in 10-meter Air Rifle and 50-meter Prone events. (photo courtesy Cal-Diego PVA)

International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Shooting, the international federation for the sport of shooting for athletes with an impairment, has introduced some changes expected to make the climax of competitions more exciting.

The new rules also are expected to ensure athletes in the finals of some events need to be even more accurate to be successful.

Under the new rules, the format of finals changes, and a trial of decimal scoring in all 10-meter Air Rifle and 50-meter Prone events has been introduced for 2013.

The new format for finals will see all finalists start from zero points and not carry over their qualification score as they did previously. At different stages during the course of a final, athletes with the lowest score will be eliminated until there is a duel between the best two shooters to decide gold- and silver-medal winners.

In addition to making events more exciting, it is hoped the trial of decimal scoring will help separate the top athletes in close competitions and provide a more accurate scoring system. The Air Rifle and 50m Prone events have had many high scores and ties. The decimal system is expected to eliminate the ties and the decisive role that one close shot can play in deciding finalists.

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Shooting Rules Change


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