Roll Into an Accessible Garage

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News April 2013

To have a truly accessible garage, you have to consider many issues, including ramps, entries, maneuvering room, lighting, and more.

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A two-car garage should be 30–32 feet wide, while a single-car garage or carport should have a minimum 14 feet width.

When we arrive home the garage needs to accommodate all of our mobility equipment. An orderly and clean garage area is necessary for general safety and to avoid tripping. Good quality lighting is required, as a poorly lit garage could impair balance for most anyone.

In new-home construction, a no-step entry is one of the most basic accessibility requirements. The no-step entry is preferred at all entrances but absolutely must be located at the most often used location, and that is usually the rear carport/garage.

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Roll Into an Accessible Garage


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