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Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News April 2013

HandySpeech mobile app turns written text into spoken words.

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Young inventor Eric Zeiberg, 12, created the HandySpeech mobile application.

A 12-year-old software designer is helping people with disabilities that limit their speech to express themselves.

The HandySpeech mobile application (app) turns written text into spoken words. Users write what they want to say in any one of 13 languages, and the software converts the handwriting into speech.

Creator Eric Zeiberg  was inspired to create the app by his sister, who has autism and speech disabilities. 

“I hope that Handy Speech will provide much needed help and open new opportunities for people in need,” says Zeiberg. “The application is dedicated to courageous people who struggle every day to overcome their disabilities.”

iSpeak4U says the app is the only handwriting-to-speech application that provides a unique opportunity for people with speech disabilities to communicate.

As an assisted speech technology application, iSpeak4U says the software supplements or even replaces speech for people with spoken language difficulties. The application helps people with speech or language impairments, including autism; stuttering; stroke; muscular dystrophy; and oral, throat or neck cancer, among others. 

Available for Apple mobile devices, HandySpeech is available at the Apple app store. For more information, visit


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