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Reprinted from PN December 2012

Vermont cycling event raises money to support spinal-cord-injury prevention and ski-racing safety.

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More than 600 handcyclists and bicyclists hit the road in the 2012 Kelly Brush Century Ride.

Undaunted by blustery winds, cyclists hit the road by the hundreds in Vermont this fall to raise $250,000 to support spinal-cord prevention and ski-racing safety.

A total of 625 cyclists, including 24 adaptive athletes riding handcycles, participated in the seventh annual Kelly Brush Century Ride Powered by VBT Bicycle and Walking Vacations.

The $250,000 raised supports the Kelly Brush Foundation’s mission to conquer the challenges of paralysis through love of sport. The foundation 
helps adaptive athletes purchase specialized athletic equipment so they can continue to be active in sports, a key aspect to improving quality of life.

In addition, funds raised support the foundation’s mission to raise the bar for ski-racing safety by assisting ski clubs and race programs across the country with purchasing safety netting and other equipment to improve race-course safety and prevent spinal-cord injuries.

The ride was started by the Middlebury College Ski Team as a way to raise money to buy an adaptive mono-ski for team member Kelly Brush, who was paralyzed as the result of a ski-racing crash. Brush and her family later founded a nonprofit, and the ride was opened to the public.

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Money on Wheels


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