What's in a Sign?

Reprinted from PN December 2012

Access sign receives modern look.

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The iconic blue International Symbol of Access has been around since 1968, but a man in Fresno, Calif., decided he could improve it a bit to help his mom.

Henry Resendez Jr., says he “modernized” the symbol after a stroke left his mom paralyzed and disabled. His new creation looks similar to the original but adds a stick figure pushing the classic wheelchair symbol. He also added the words “We care” at the top, followed by “Let us know if you need help.”

Resendez has a registered trademark for the symbol, which is being displayed at several area restaurants.

“This symbol, when displayed at the entrance of a business, will let patrons know they are welcome and assistance will eagerly be provided upon request,” Resendez says. “Disabled patrons, when seeing this symbol, may feel more comfortable patronizing the establishment.”


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What's in a Sign?


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