Hans Hangs On

Reprinted from PN December 2012

Charlie Hans survives showdown to win Kentucky-Indiana PVA Wheelchair 9-Ball Classic.

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Louisville, Ky., is better known as the home of the Kentucky Derby. However, the city also has a strong history as a key location for major billiards tournaments.

It was fitting then that Louisville was the location for the 1st Annual Kentucky-Indiana Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) Wheelchair 9-Ball Classic. It was the final stop in season six of the PVA/NWPA Billiards Tournament Series. The host chapter for the Sept. 14–15 event was Kentucky-Indiana PVA, and chapter board member Hack Albertson was event coordinator.

Main Event finishers were (from left) Bill Frisby, Charlie Hans, and Zack Allen. Photo by Shawn Interrante.

The first key match of the main event was between Bill Frisby and Charlie Hans. Frisby took an early 4–1 lead, but Hans battled back to eventually take the match, 9–7.

Hans continued his winnings ways, first defeating current PVA points leader Charles Interrante and then second-ranked Zach Allen. The wins placed Hans in the tournament championship match.

On the one-loss side of the tournament, Frisby was determined to get to the championship for a rematch with Hans. This determination was best shown in the third-place match, where Frisby ran over Allen, 7–1, setting up the championship rematch.

Since Hans was undefeated, Frisby would have to beat him twice in two sets in order to win. He took the first match pretty comfortably, 9–3, to create a winner-take-all showdown.

Both players elevated their games for this set. In the end, Hans was the victor and tournament champion, winning the final game of the set, 7–6.

The Second Flight tournament championship was won by Marland Redfield, who defeated Terry Sutton, 5–2, in the final championship round.

Special thanks to the Kentucky-Indiana PVA Chapter, the Billiards Club of Louisville, tournament director Shawn Interrante, and Albertson.

Main Event Results

(1)          Charlie Hans

(2)          Bill Frisby

(3)          Zack Allen

(4)          Charles Interrante

(5)          Hack Albertson

Second Flight Results

(1)          Marland Redfield

(2)          Terry Sutton

(3)          Robert Thomas


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Hans Hangs On


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