Rims on the Run

Reprinted from PN December 2012

Novice and elite racers from across the country gather for the second annual Rims on the Run handcycle competition.

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Racing heated up quickly at the Rims on the Run event in DeLand, Fla.

In late September, the handcycle season culminated with the second annual Rims on the Run sponsored by Brooks Rehabilitation in DeLand, Fla.

Close to 30 novice and elite racers from across the country assembled for the Omnium, which included a seven-mile time trial (TT), a criterium and 14- and 28-mile road races (RR). 

The weather was a little warm, but the courses were perfect, so the racing heated up quickly at Spring Garden Ranch with the TT. 

Dane Pilon, Scott McNeice, Mike Postel, Jeff Snover, Scott Sweet and H1 rider Will Groulx led the way with impressive times on the rolling course. Thea Rosa of California and Ashley Heath of Georgia proved that the women were formidable riders as well with fast times.

After the time trial, the riders had a few hours to relax and cool off before the evening criterium at the DeLand Industrial Park. The criterium saw fast-paced action for 28 minutes, then two laps for an all-out finish.

The racers returned to Spring Garden Ranch the next day to attack the seven-mile course for two or four laps. The road race saw the same top men and woman vying for the honors once again, but Gerah Ah-Fook, Jonathan Miller and H1 Greg Taylor were not far behind.

This event would not have been possible without sponsors Brooks Rehabilitation, Hitson Lumber, PlanB, Politis and Matovina Law firm, Spring Garden Ranch, Wamevents, and Yelvington Jet Aviation.

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Rims on the Run


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