More Than Dirty Laundry

Reprinted from PN December 2012

If you are a wheelchair user, locating the laundry area on your home's main level is the only practical solution.

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It seems there is no better time to “multitask” than laundry time.

In order to be able to get everything else “done” when the actual machines are doing their job, centrally locating the laundry operations within the home will help you get the job done more comfortably.

The benefits of locating or relocating the laundry area on the main level are obvious. If you use a wheelchair, a main-level  laundry space is the only practical solution.

For others, it can save time running up and down stairs and avoid the possibility of falling on the stairs while hauling laundry.

Location, Location, Location 

An effective location may be adjacent to the main bedroom yet not too far from all the others.

This will depend on where the majority of laundry is coming from. I recently designed a home with pocket doors from the master bedroom and the hallway that connects to the secondary bedrooms.

The laundry room should preferably have nearby access to the master closets. It’s best to separate the actual walk-in closet and laundry room for humidity reasons, which can be an issue in the Midwest. But they have been successfully combined in the same space.

Right in the Side Pocket

Pocket doors are a good passage choice, as you may have your hands full when actively going through. Remember the wall framing or plumbing requirements where the pocket is located.

Sometimes a double-framed two-by-four wall is preferred when considering the wall space a pocket door saves, as opposed to swinging doors that are open against the wall.

Cabinets and plumbing require a solid wall for pipes and structure when hanging. If  a pocket-door void is behind them, the structure will not be adequate. Pocket doors are especially effective if there are two doors into the room.

Make sure to include a door silencer (bumper within the pocket itself) to avoid slamming the door. Consider a door edge four-inch-by-nine-inch double-sided pocket door handle so you don’t have to pull on the door itself to close, or dig your fingers into a small-diameter ring.

Pocket doors are great, but the standard door edge pull hardware is anything but Universal Design and can be so annoying.

The product noted is a good pull and possible locking solution for a pocket door. I’m not making an endorsement here, but a good and hard-to-find item is at doors/ada.

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More Than Dirty Laundry


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