Military Paralympians

Reprinted from PN October 2012

Current or retired military members represented the U.S. at the London Games.

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World record shot-putter Angela Madsen was on the U.S. team in the London Paralympic Games.

National Veterans Wheelchair Games gold medalists Angela Madsen and Scot Severn were among 20 current or retired military members to represent Team USA at last month’s Paralympic Games in London.

Madsen set a shot put world record in May during the U.S. Paralympic trials in Indianapolis. The Marine Corps veteran posted a throw of just over 30.5 feet.

She and Severn were part of the 227-member U.S. Paralympic team. The team competed against more than 4,000 athletes from 165 countries in 19 sports.

Some of the veterans on Team USA included:


Will Groulx (Portland, Ore.), Navy (ret.) —
wheelchair rugby

Eric Hollen (Colorado Springs), Army (ret.) — shooting

Angela Madsen (Long Beach, Calif.) Marine Corps (ret.) -— track & field

Mario Rodriguez (Port Hueneme, Calif.), Air Force (ret.) -— wheelchair fencing

Oz Sanchez (San Diego), Marine Corps (ret.) — cycling

Scot Severn (Caro, Mich.), Army (ret.) — track & field

Scott Winkler (Augusta, Ga.), Army (ret.) — track & field

Russell Wolfe (Edmond, Okla.), Army (ret.) — archery


This year featuring more than 4,000 athletes from 165 countries, the Paralympics are the world’s second biggest sporting event behind the Olympics.

Results were not available at the time of publication. For results and a complete list of Team USA, visit


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Military Paralympians


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